Creating healthy habits to rebalance and achieve a more fulfilling Future You.

Life Coaching

I believe that you know the answers to every question or challenge you may have in your life, even if those answers appear to be obscured, concealed or hidden inside. Through powerful questioning and tools I will empower you to find those answers. Whether you want a change of career, or help working out what that might be. If you feel you are holding yourself back and would like help realising your potential then let’s have a powerful conversation today. 

Health Coaching

As a Holistic Health Coach I will be a supportive mentor and motivate you towards positive health choices. I will educate and support you to achieve your own health goals through lifestyle and behavior adjustments. Working with food as medicine, I will draw on both eastern and western traditions. Whether you are looking for a boost in your gut health, healing autoimmune disease, weight management or you just know you can be doing more for your health and wellbeing. 

life coach

1:1 sessions

Joining a coaching session

Before I take on any new clients it’s important we meet (online) first, so that you get a feel for me and understand how I work. It needs to feel the ‘right fit’ from both our perspectives and something that you can 100% commit to.


My relaxed and supportive coaching style will give you the space to discover and grow. I will help empower you to work towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilled life. 

Is it time to realise your full potential, reset your life, find true peace of mind, discover your passions or achieve those dreams? 

Sessions are online over zoom for 1 hr. You can book a complementary session today. 



One session – £100 

Six sessions total – £500 

“Health assesment”

 1 x 1hr Session

Joining a health coaching session

Join me for a 1hr zoom call.



In this health assessment we will look at your diet and lifestyle and give you a clear picture of your health and wellbeing. We will set out suggested foods, exercies and lifestyle changes to follow. 



Join me for a 1 x 60 min zoom call – £70.00


“take charge of your Health”

 4 Week Course

Joining the 4 week health coaching course

Join me for a one hour session, once a week for 4 weeks via zoom. 



Over the course of 4 weeks I will empower you with the knowledge to take charge of your own health and show you how to set realistic and sustainable healthy habits. We’ll go through how you can prepare food for better absorption and arm you with a wealth of practical recipes. Using food as medicine, I’ll teach to how to lead a healthier, and more fulfilling life.  

Is it time to look after your most important wealth, YOUR HEALTH.



4 week course – £300.00

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